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Play it here, play it there, you can play Convince Me anywhere…

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Convince Me provides you with limitless opportunities to play out your most persuasive personality traits while engaging in a fun social game with others through words and action!

Step 1: Get your Convince Me deck!

Step 2: Grab 2 or more of your best friends and pick cards to start playing…anywhere…in line, at the park, in a car, in a cafe…

Step 3: Say it loud – “Convince me to dance in the rain…”

Step 4: Watch while your best friends dance, hop on one foot, gesture wildly, sing at the top of their lungs…all while telling you the awesome reasons why you need to dance in the rain…

Step 5: Repeat 1 thru 4 and do it all over again – but this time it’s your turn to do your best mime impression – can you convince someone to start training for a 5K without even saying a word???

Perfect as a gift or party game.

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In stock



Convince Me Kids Card Game — the comedy action card game you can play anywhere

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