Convince Me Activity Card Game for Kids

MonstRpreneur Introduces a New Action Comedy Card Game for Ages 7+ Perfect for Unique Holiday Gift Giving

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—October 2017—The new Convince Me card game gets kids age 7 and up in action and laughing in a matter of minutes. The game can be played for just a few minutes or a half hour or longer. Convince Me has been played in a classroom, on a bus, outside, while camping, and in a car. The game is completely portable and consists of a 54 card deck the size of playing cards—nothing else except 2 or more players are needed. The rules are simple—anyone can be playing within a minute or two. No setup, no power is needed and no batteries. Convince Me is instant ‘ON’ fun.

“Social games and tabletop games are booming. People want to be together doing something. That’s behind our design for Convince Me: we created a simple social game that’s completely portable, gets people moving, and makes them laugh. Kids and young adults are especially enjoying Convince Me because it engages their energy, curiosity, and determination in a fun, playful way,” said Kathryn Gorges, Co-Founder, MonstRpreneur. “And the game offers a chance to be light-hearted about real choices in the world. That puts in play one of Jane McGonigal’s ideas: ‘purposeful play builds self-confidence and real-world problem-solving skills.’ That aligns with our inspiration and vision for MonstRpreneur.”

“Hey, this is actually a really fun game!” said an 11 year-old girl playtester. “I like that I can get on the table!”

“My favorite is doing the yoga pose,” said a 10 year-old boy playtester.

“Nothing is more amazing than seeing a father, mother, and daughter rolling with gales of laughter while doing their best to be the most droll, the most silly or the most ridiculous during their turn on the virtual stage,” said John-Michael Scott, Co-Founder, MonstRpreneur, while playtesting with a San Francisco family.

Convince Me contains 24 cards with challenges for persuading someone to do something and 30 cards with a choice of 4 activities to be done while persuading. Activity options are setup so that the game can be played while sitting down or in a car, or while standing up and moving around—accommodating most situations.

“Convince Me is one of those games that’s fun to play over and over and would make a great kids party gift, party game, stocking stuffer, or Hanukkah gift. We have a few teachers that are also using Convince Me to either get students moving or to let out some of the extra energy and get focused,” said Catherine Pitcher, Co-Founder of MonstRpreneur and Teach for America alumna. “Convince Me was a big hit in the summer class I taught of kids ages 10-12. Lots of laughing, creativity, and focus to really persuade their classmates. I had so much fun watching them!”

MonstRpreneur LLC creates games for all ages. We believe anyone can do anything…and when you have the tools that give you the experiences that matter, that builds skills. We are committed to fun with a purpose. And we consider play and games to be powerful experiences where we easily learn what we wouldn’t have otherwise. In games, we cross a threshold and enter a state free from constraints and worries of the present—all of that is suspended in favor of playful exploration. For more information visit