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It was really fun that we needed to move to play the game! #Loved it.

—12-year-old boy

I like the way the game got me out of my head.

—student, Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA

Convince Me Card Games are a play anywhere activity card game for any age. We recommend ages 7 and up for the Kids version. A definitely-for-adults version is coming soon.

If you’re looking for instant ‘ON’ fun that:

  • Engages your body, mind, imagination, and sense of social fun
  • Doesn’t require a switch to turn on
  • No power button included
  • No battery needed
  • Works even on a mountain top—at a campsitein the car—in the middle of the ocean—at a party—even in a tree

Then Convince Me is for you.

Buy Convince Me Kids Card Game

I have good news! My college students played Convince Me and loved it! They had a great time. We played it in small groups. The game as a whole fostered a sense of community and play which we needed after writing and studying serious topics.

—college instructor, San Francisco, CA

How to play

Separate Purple and Orange cards.

Player with the most cats is 1st Purple player.

Purple player: deal Orange cards to everyone else.

Purple player: pick and read out loud a Purple card.

Orange players: choose 1 action.

Orange players: convince Purple player while performing your Orange action.

Purple player: choose best Orange convincing performance and give your card to the winner.

Player to right of Purple player: you’re next Purple player.

Repeat steps 3 thru 8 until all out of Purple cards.

Whoever has the most Purple cards wins!

Hey, this is actually a really fun game! I like that I can get on the table!

—11-year-old girl playtester

My favorite is doing the yoga pose.

—10-year-old boy playtester

Convince Me Kids Card Game

Convince Me Kids Card Game
Buy Convince Me Kids Card Game

Wow! This actually works as a game…

—one of the Co-Founder’s siblings  (!?)