The Startup Challenge...

The clock is ticking…

With $15K and two years, what’s next???  You have a million dollar idea and need 90 thousand dollars to make it happen.  If you choose the right path, if you can pull it off, you can make your dream come true!  You have limitless potential but limited resources…
how are you going to use them???

Time is running out…

The MonstRs Have Launched!

Find out more about them AND the MonstRpreneur Board and Card Games here.


Game Stats

Highest Valuation Reached!
Least Time Left at Exit
Most Cash Accumulated

Playing the MonstRpreneur Game

The MonstRpreneur Game is an adventure board game designed to take you through the ups and downs of building a new business – a startup venture.

To play, gather a few friends (2 to 6 to be exact) ages 18+ (unless they’re precocious or you want them to become precocious and take care of you in the style to which you’d like to be accustomed), set aside some time, and become a founder of the next winning startup!

First You Pick a MonstR

Your MonstR could be an Igniter, Hacker, Monetizer, Connector, Marketeer, Visionary, Team Builder or more.

Use Your Super Power

Your superpower depends on your MonstR. You may have the ability to look ahead in the card deck, or get to go first no matter what, or mirror another player’s potential windfall, or take someone else’s place over on the board.

Next Choose a Company

You could choose a food truck, hotel, restaurant, wearables, manufacturing, social entrepreneurship, or more – or your own idea.

Get Funding or Bootstrap

Businesses have unique needs for growing. Some require investors, some grants, some crowdfunding, some bank loans. And some are best bootstrapped. You choose.

Then You Start Building

Your mission is to accumulate assets and cash, and to use time wisely.

Winner Has Highest Valuation

Your objective is to be worth the most and have the least time left. Your valuation is the combination of cash, assets, and time.